Is There a Loss After Hair Transplantation?

Does There Be Shedding After Hair Transplantation; Turkey is among the most successful countries in the world in terms of hair transplantation. Turkey’s success in this regard is also evident within the scope of health tourism. Success in hair transplantation is both the fact that there are experienced and experienced physicians in this regard and the centers that perform this operation do their job in full health conditions and hygienic conditions. Hair transplantation operation is a treatment with aesthetic concerns. Therefore, it should be done in very healthy conditions and should eliminate aesthetic concerns.

What is Hair Transplantation Operation?

Hair transplantation is carried out by transferring grafts taken from their donor areas to the sparse area to patients who have become completely bald or have shed most of the hair. The success of hair transplantation operation is through the use of the patient’s own hair follicles. Therefore, there is no risk of any reaction. Thus, the hair transplantation process is very successful. The expected successful result develops in the hair transplantation operation by clinging to the hair canal with the hair follicles removed from the donor area. This area is the area where healthy hair grows in people and hair loss is zero. Therefore, both the hair follicles taken are very healthy and the transfer process is extremely successful because it contains the patient’s own cell.