How Many Days After Hair Is Transplanted Can I Go Back to Work?

As well as the importance of hair transplantation operation, the healing process after hair transplantation operation is just as important. This process is a period when the patient should pay close attention. After the hair transplantation operation is performed, the doctor’s recommendations should be taken into account. This is one of the conditions that determines the success of hair transplantation treatment. First of all, there are rules that must be known and fulfilled after hair transplantation operation. One of them is the regular use of medications and solutions given by the doctor after treatment. In addition, the patient should rest at home for the first 3 days, especially after the hair transplantation operation, not to sweat his head and not to bathe. After 3 days of dressing by coming to the doctor’s control, the patient rests at home for a week and then can return to his daily life.

What the Patient Should Do After Hair Transplantation Treatment

The process after hair transplantation operation is a very important process. First of all, the head should never sweat. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid any movements and work that requires performance that will make the head sweat. So whatever happens, the patient should not let the head sweat. For this, he should definitely take precautions. In addition, the negativity in this process prevents the hair from holding naturally. Therefore, it is important to avoid stress and not to use it until the recovery occurs for patients with smoking and alcohol habits. In this process, it is recommended that the patient also abs away from sexual intercourse. The doctor indicates what the rules and prohibitions are that the patient should pay attention to after the operation and the patient has to comply with it. Antibiotics are usually used after treatment. Regular use of antibiotics is quite important. Mild pain may be felt on the first day after hair transplantation and the next day. For this purpose, the pain is overcome with the painkillers prescribed by the doctor and the pain does not occur in the patient in the following days. The patient will get rid of the pain on his own in a few days. In this process, it is important for the patient to lie on his back and rest at home for four or five days.