Eyebrow Transplantation

Eyebrow transplantation is one of the most preferred treatment methods especially for women. Since women regularly and constantly take their eyebrows, an event called sulking occurs in their eyebrows. Eyebrows lose thickness and volume in their youth. It is possible to reach the old volume and thickness of eyebrows with eyebrow transplantation. They can also be lost due to eyebrows, traumas, burns and accidents. In these patient groups, eyebrow transplantation is successfully applied.

How to Perform Eyebrow Transplantation?

the operation of ash transplantation is carried out with fue hair transplantation logic. The procedure performed under local anesthesia takes about 3-4 hours. In eyebrow transplantation, roots taken from the nape area are used. These roots need to be placed at a certain angle and in a certain direction in the area to be transplanted. Hair follicles come out of the skin at an angle of 45 degrees. Eyebrows are very different. They come out of the skin at an angle of about 10-15 degrees. In the inner part of the eyebrow, they have a shape that is parallel to the ground as it comes in the middle and slightly downwards on the outer part of the eyebrow. Therefore, very careful care should be taken when opening channels during planting. Otherwise, the eyebrow may appear differently when planted incorrectly, it may come out in the opposite direction or downwards. Therefore, eyebrow transplantation is definitely a procedure that should be performed by a specialist doctor.

Master Hair Transplant
Hemen Randevu Al

    What Are The Considerations After Treatment?

    It is possible to see very small, needle-head-sized crusts in the planting area for a week. However, since these shells are rapidly shed, it does not prevent the patient from returning to daily life and work. It is recommended that the person who has eyebrow transplantation does not enter the sea, pool for two weeks, does not be exposed to intense sunlight, does not have a solarium, avoids intense sports.

    Does Eyebrow Transplantation Help Shape?

    With this method, it is possible to give the eyebrow the desired shape. It can be done during eyebrow transplantation to blunt the eyebrow with the tip pointed, to make the head part thick, to give the curved eyebrow a straight shape.

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