DHI Hair Transplantation

Dhi hair transplantation, in its explicit form, Direct Hair Implantation is a hair transplantation method in which hair follicles resistant to loss in the nape of the head are taken one by one and planted directly in the receiving area to be haired.

Treatment alternatives increase thanks to new methods developed to respond to different aesthetic and technical requirements in hair transplantation. Dhi hair transplantation technique is the best example of this innovation and current techniques in hair transplantation. In addition, technical developments make hair transplantation possible for everyone, in addition to catching the trend in hair transplantation.

With minimally invasive hair transplantation techniques such as Dhi and Sapphire FUE, hair transplantation can be performed even in people with weak hair in the donor area. Modern techniques for hair transplantation give you the chance to make the most of the hair reserve in the donor area.

These developments have played a big part in the impressive naturalness we have achieved in hair transplantation in recent years. Methods such as the Dhi choi pen technique, developed in pursuit of the dream of more frequent hair transplantation, are to create wonders in hair transplantation. Successful hair transplantation results cause the interest in hair transplantation to increase day by day.

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    How to Do Hair Transplantation with Dhi Technique?

    Hair transplantation with Dhi hair transplantation technique can be performed under local anesthesia, shaved or unshaven. Hair follicles taken from the donor area are planted directly in the receiving area through the Dhi pen.

    The follicular unit taken from the donor area is placed inside the Choi needle. At an angle of 40-45 degrees, hair follicles of appropriate thickness placed on needles of different diameters are planted individually in the area to be haired in accordance with the pre-formed planning. The Choi needle inserts the hair follicles into the canal that it opens to the scalp at the same time while pushing the hair follicles.

    At least 2 Choi pens and an average of 10-12 different Choi tips are used in Dhi hair transplantation operation. Tips and pens with varying diameters are selected individually before the operation according to the thickness of the hair.

    Dhi hair transplantation technique can treat large hair loss and it is possible to perform different hair transplantation operations such as regional hair loss, forehead narrowing, hair bushing. Unshaven hair transplantation method Dhi hair transplantation technique increases the possibilities of solution in hair transplantation due to these features. Dhi hair transplantation method is preferred in planning preventive hair transplantation operation in early hair loss.

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    Am I a Suitable Candidate for Dhi Hair Transplantation?

    With Dhi hair transplantation technique, you undergo a detailed examination before hair transplantation operation. General surgery protocol is applied at this stage to ensure that there are no health problems that will interfere with the surgery. While the necessary tests and blood tests are carried out, the donor area is analyzed.

    A detailed consultation specific to the patient’s age and hair loss type is extremely important for forward-looking hair loss and patient satisfaction in hair transplantation.

    Dhi Hair Transplantation Operation

    Application areas are anesthetized with local anesthesia before Dhi hair transplantation operation. After the hair follicles taken individually from the donor area are placed in the appropriate choi-tip choi needle according to their thickness, they are planted individually in the place of the recipient directly according to the hair transplantation planning.

    Dhi hair transplantation operation takes an average of 6-8 hours. This period may be shorter in forehead narrowing operations. The exact duration of operations such as hair transplantation, hair bushing, unshaven hair transplantation in women becomes clear during planning before hair transplantation.

    After Dhi Hair Transplantation

    Wound care and the first wash are performed a day or two after Dhi hair transplantation surgery. The condition of the hair follicles is checked. After this stage, he is gradually relaxed. The first few days are the most sensitive period in Dhi hair transplantation. After the second day, the patient can return to his country.